Uh la la

In Jægersborggade in the cool and casual neigbourghhood Nørrebro, just a few minuts from the center of Copenhagen, you find the ceramic shop Uh la la with unique design ceramics by the young product designer Julie Bonde Bülck. We just love her simple and decorative Bonbonnières.

If you are in Jærgersborggade make sure you try one of the hip restaurants or cafés. At Grød (porridge in Danish) you only find porridge on the menu, but not the classic sticky oatmeal, but creative variants such as spelt porridge with chestnut purée, apple and toasted almonds.
Breakfast and lunch dishes are 35 dkk, a dinner porridge is 50 dkk while a dessert comes in at 25 dkk. The menu changes every week, but is updated on the café's facebook page (in Danish).

In no. 10 you can get a coffee from some of the best baristas in town. The Coffee Collective is a specialty coffee micro roastery and coffee consulting company. The main goal of this place is to provide people with an exceptional coffee experience. Try it, it's really good coffee.

We also recommend Manfred's a cool restaurant where focus primarily is on rustic everyday food, made with modern techniques and quality ingredients. You will find it in no. 40.

Photo coffeecollective.dk · groed.com

Go discover!

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