People who inspire us: Mikkel Karstad - gastronomic star

MIKKEL KARSTAD is one of the most innovative and hip Danish food creators. He is head of a reward-winning canteen at one of Copenhagen's largest law firms, he writes and creates food stories for magazines and he is the man behind several cookbooks.

Photo vipp blog · weyoutheyate

Recently the Danish newspaper Berlingske wrote an article about Mikkel with the title "Kulturens skjulte stjerner" The Hidden Stars of Culture - Mikkel has made many projects and cookbooks (the latest is the bestseller 'Almanak' in Danish), not in his own name, but in the name of Claus Meyer, for whom he worked for from 2006-2011. Claus Meyer is the co-founder of NOMA the world-famous restaurant in Copenhagen and has a large range of restaurants, food-businesses and is the entrepreneur behind many successful projects in Denmark.

Mikkel Karstad is a respected name in the gastronomic world, but unknown compared to Claus Meyer, and this is part of the reason why Mikkel's name appears in small print on the copyright page of the 'Almanak' cookbook and not on the frontpage.

To us Mikkel Karstad is a gastronomic STAR and he deserves his own fame. If you wish to get inspired too, take a look at his blog WE YOU THEY ATE

Happy food inspiration!

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