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We are definitely both very into all aspects of interior design. Our style has elements from our Danish background, simple lines, wood and light colors - and from French deco inspired by a Bobo-style - mixing vintage and shappy-chic with designer classics.

We are INSPIRED by...

SHOPS - Our NUMBER 1 favorite shop is the legendary MERCI. It's just really hard to find something you don't like in that store and each time we go there, we are just stunned by their flawless taste in decoration and styling. 

If you can't make it to 11, boulevard beaumarchais, MERCI just recently opened their online shop with a smaller selection of their products. But please - allow yourself to visit the MERCI shop, we are pretty sure you will like what you find.

If you want your kids to dress the MERCI-way, you just go a couple of blocks down the boulevard from MERCI to BONTON (founded by the son of the MERCI founders) or to BONPOINT (the MERCI founders are also behind the BONPOINT universe!).

photo · merci

NUMBER 2 would be the absolutely gorgeous online shop BODIE and FOU. It is a UK registered shop but the founders are two French sisters and it's definitely a very French inspired, chic style you'll find there. They also have several Danish brands including some of our favorites from NORMANN COPENHAGEN and FERM LIVING. You can get the fab bedlinen from LINGE PARTICULIER here.

photo · bodieandfou · linge particulier

HAY and NORMANN COPENHAGEN are a shared NUMBER 3 - both great shops with stylish, Scandinavian design and new modern classics. They both have online shops, but you best get the real deal in their Copenhagen shops.

The NUMBER 4 is the French online shop HAPPY HOME. We love their selection of stationary, posters, books, magazines and small objects for the home. The products are all from a soft toned universe. They do international shipping too.

photo · happyhome

Last but not least our NUMBER 5 is LES HAPPY VINTAGE - a online vintage shop dedicated to old French retro objects for the home. Their pricing is reasonable and it's your chance of adding some French vintage objects to your home - if you can't make it to the local marché aux puces.

READING - We like the books from édition PAUMES a lot. It's a Japanese publisher with great taste in photo books of Nordic, French, English interior design and styling with different themes (childrens room, Parisian style, Stockholm apartments). You can buy their books directly from their online shop or in stores like BONTON or LILLI BULLE in Paris.

TOC-TOC-TOC magazine is a French magazine (texts in French and English) with a passion for creativity, art and entrepreneur spirit. All in soft tones and beautiful photos. You can buy them in their online shop or at happy home.

photo · toc toc toc

Hope you enjoyed our post. Happy home styling!

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