Handmade Italian popsicles in Copenhagen

Are you also addicted to Italian ice cream ? Well, if you are in Copenhagen this summer and you fancy some delicious Italian ice-cream, we know where to go. In April this little ice cream shop, called HVIID'S IS (Hviid is the name of the owner, Is means ice cream in Danish) on Olufsvej 6 at Østerbro in Copenhagen. 

They produce fresh, handmade Italian ice cream on a stick (popsicle), in Italian called Gelato su stecco,  with all kinds of coating and topping (white, milk, dark or pistachio chocolate, strawberry or pistachio paste, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut).

The gelato is based more on milk than cream - which means less fat than normal industrial ice cream. Besides the milk-based ice cream, they also have sorbet-like ice cream bars made ​​from whole strawberries.

Enjoy your ice cream !

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