The Little Architect

One of our kids is really into architecture - at the age of 5 he's convinced that he's gonna be an architect and an astronaut - "They also need houses on Mars mummy!"
To variate the load of astronaut-space-solar-system-books we read every night, we tried to find some on architecture.

Here's the selection we got and are quite happy with. They are all quite different, but they have a phenomenal graphic design in common and a very kids friendly approach to architectural themes.

Tous les Gratte-Ciel sont dans la nature is written by the French architect Didier Cornille. This is his second book (the first was about houses) and it's a first approach to the most unique, most symbolic and most impressive skyscrapers in the world, from the Eiffel Tower to the Chrystler Building to the Torre Agbar in Barcelona. Cornille is a Professor of Design and Architecture and his minimalist drawings are both subtle and precise. You can get  this book at bookstores in France or check with the publisher helium

Iggy Peck, Architect is a classic story about a boy who is a bit different but turns out to be a hero on his request to become an architect. The book is funny and the illustrations are very urban and inventive by the fantastic David Roberts - You can get this book in large bookstores worldwide. The book is available in English and in French.

Jeu de piste à Volubilis is a fantastic treasure hunt at the villa Volubilis, the architectural masterpiece portrayed by the illustrator in fascinating way with beautiful images, many hint to the art of the 20.  century paintings by Matisse, Mondrian,Warhol. You can get it in larger online bookstores or in France.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Happy reading!

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