Urban gardening

A new cool trend in Copenhagen (and many other large cities) is URBAN GARDENING.

Urban gardening consists of garden projects in all conceivable forms in cities. Vegetable or herb gardens on balconies, in backyards, parks or on rooftops.

The idea is to use the space you have to grow your own herbs or vegetables. The trend comes from large cities in the US like New York, where local residents for a long time have been cultivating small gardens in parks, on rooftops and other atypical locations.

The obvious advantage of an urban garden is that you can produce your own food even if you live in the city. Another advantage is the getting to know your neighbors - often urban gardening is a project of a neighborhood or of the people sharing the same room, and it is a nice way of getting together.

Thanks to MIKKEL KARSTAD for using photos of his urban garden on the roof of a law firm in Copenhagen.

Go get green fingers !

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