The perfect wine bar

VED STRANDEN 10 is just the perfect wine bar.

In the heart of Copenhagen, down by the canal, with a perfect view to the Parliament building - Christiansborg - you can enjoy a tasteful glass of wine.

You can get wines for every taste: They don't have a fixed wine menu , but you ask what is open, explore and get inspired by the quirky and challenging wines from small, eccentric producers, as well as classic and legendary wines. You will find wines from pretty much every wine district in the world.

What makes it even better is the whole setup. The interior design of this place is just perfect. You fell great in the light, stylish, Scandinavian design and if you sit outside you can get a cosy lounger or sit on the dock and enjoy the view on the historical part of Copenhagen. can buy the wine you like - VED STRANDEN 10 is also a well-established wine shop.

À la votre !

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