Last Wednesday was a big day in Paris and the rest of France. The first day of the big national summer sale (les soldes) that runs from the end of June till the end of July. This year from Wednesday June 26 to July 30. The dates of the summer sale and the winter sale in January (from the 2nd Wednesday of January) are fixed by the French government.

The city is pretty packed this time a year with sale hunters and happy tourists, so it is always a good idea to plan where you wanna go, what you wanna buy on sale and try to select some of the less crowded places.

We went to MERCI on Friday and they already had 40% and 50% on most items. The shop was crowded as always, but it wasn't too bad as the standard tourist doesn't find his or her way to the 3rd arrondissement. On Saturday we went to BONTON - they already had their deuxieme démarque (second markdown) - 10% extra off and most items were at 40% or 50%. They still had plenty of nice things and the store on rue de grennelle was not too busy. We passed by a PETIT BATEAU even though it had a lot of people, but their sales are really good. Most of their items are on sale and you can get their classic nightwear and underwear at very good prices. Their women collection is also getting better, so check that out too if you plan to go to one of their shops.

We dared go to THE CONRAN SHOP. Too many people and the items on sale were mostly things for the garden or the beach. We found some really nice crafted bowls with beautiful colors and patterns. They were not on sale, but affordable - and the best thing - you support a good cause buying these bowls as they are crafted by South African women living with HIV and AIDS. You can read more about the project at the WOLA NANI web site.

Next to CONRAN is the classic Parisian department store - our personal favorite - LE BON MARCHÉ - their sale is pretty good too, you can find ISABEL MARANT, FORTE FORTE, ROSE ANNA and other nice brands on sale here.

All the shops we wrote about in this post have online sales too, so if you are not in Paris you can shop from your home.

Bon courage pour les soldes !

BONTON  tunique · shirt · scarf


#MERCIAIMEPARIS · mood photos from installation at MERCI


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